Bid & Ask for long-term Capital at Davos

At the Programme WEF Davos 2013 for next World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013, professors Stephen A. Schwarzmann and Dominic Barton will expose questions about how to close the gap between the supply of and demand for long-term capital.

Gool-Bama-Cash financial recipe, as been presented in Googledepending conditions for technical support and in Obamadepending conditions for US Admnistration regulations.
The matter supposes the launch of the first investment's substitute (datevaluation practice) upgrading the Classic Economy into digital Economy 4G3W.
The solution has a single form in Webliving-Savings-W3C. Just let folks get their personal one-click-motor-for-savings. That is the response.  People create personalized and  unlimited economic cells in dynamic-digital-cash. Keeping their bank-financial-power for their ownership. By webcashmotor 4G3W with registered assets units running the web for webcashmatic results in continuos added value. Because the free creation of "Owndated Webquantums" is the recipe for the universocial wellfare and also for you.

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