Overcoming barriers to reshape the digital savings

When you think about some Davos questions 2014 , the inventory of the societal, economic and technological forces reshaping by now our landscape would help for the priorities for researches on solutions.

But, even nobody knows details and kinds of all forces, from our landscape and even when you closed your eyes, you can see the money, as boldest matters expecting solutions allowing folks to reach wellbeing.

That's why we propose the introduction of a fourth action for individual economic choice adding the opportunity of the money datevaluation besides the others three possible decisions (consumption, savings and investment).

Datevaluation practice is a linked money process using the personal ability of the creation of dynamic-personalized-savings, by webcashmotor into the web www3c.

This solution is proposed as a protocol between US Admnistration and Google.

Filipe AlvesFerreira

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