Overcoming barriers to reshape the digital savings

When you think about some Davos questions 2014 , the inventory of the societal, economic and technological forces reshaping by now our landscape would help for the priorities for researches on solutions.

But, even nobody knows details and kinds of all forces, from our landscape and even when you closed your eyes, you can see the money, as boldest matters expecting solutions allowing folks to reach wellbeing.

That's why we propose the introduction of a fourth action for individual economic choice adding the opportunity of the money datevaluation besides the others three possible decisions (consumption, savings and investment).

Datevaluation practice is a linked money process using the personal ability of the creation of dynamic-personalized-savings, by webcashmotor into the web www3c.

This solution is proposed as a protocol between US Admnistration and Google.

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Bid & Ask for long-term Capital at Davos

At the Programme WEF Davos 2013 for next World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013, professors Stephen A. Schwarzmann and Dominic Barton will expose questions about how to close the gap between the supply of and demand for long-term capital.

Gool-Bama-Cash financial recipe, as been presented in Googledepending conditions for technical support and in Obamadepending conditions for US Admnistration regulations.
The matter supposes the launch of the first investment's substitute (datevaluation practice) upgrading the Classic Economy into digital Economy 4G3W.
The solution has a single form in Webliving-Savings-W3C. Just let folks get their personal one-click-motor-for-savings. That is the response.  People create personalized and  unlimited economic cells in dynamic-digital-cash. Keeping their bank-financial-power for their ownership. By webcashmotor 4G3W with registered assets units running the web for webcashmatic results in continuos added value. Because the free creation of "Owndated Webquantums" is the recipe for the universocial wellfare and also for you.


Investors going to datevalors spaces

Blue cheps or jonk bonds ?

No, I prefer the cashkeeping mode into the new E
conomy 4G3W. I'm going to the money datevaluation even if from investor I shift to datevalors. Because from datevalors to investor I just cashcall as much as I cashput. More my webcashmatic plusvalues for my owned timestock.


The last FED's Miracle : 3,33%

My docter was there :
- Please tell me 33

My Mousephone repeat 33 then go to the market and the Dow Jones go up 3,33% 

The last FED's miracle is done and President G.Bush call the SEC to sign it by last 19th September.


Can federal stimulus plan save the U.S. economy ?

Government may help and resolve the economy by the introduction of the money datevaluation as an investment's subtitute giving enlarged option for the people economic activity.
Can you imagine if you just link money-to-money for much-more-money ?

Because by the money datevaluation practice through the web is the way to resolve the Classic Economic Trilemma :
- if you spend, you do not save and you do not invest ;
- if you save, you do not invest and you do not spend ;
- if you invest, you do not spend and you do not save .

The money datevaluation is like a finantial fast-food sandwich to resolve your personal-savings-motor keeping your cash just in webcashfishing position by your own webcashmotor. How do you think that it is possible to save on one interest rate base ? This Classic way is out of reason because it is out of results. Nothing to eat. Just investment taking risks way to purchase wealth target. It is not great neither good.
So the FED may trust into web-connections just giving conditions for the communications motors-money for the personalized live-savings creation. And even if under googledepending agreement, the money datevaluation webdevice stimulus may resolve. Yes. Easy to do.

Because ( the practice of the personalizated linking money-to-money) you make webcashmatic plusvalues rolling over cash for daily cash results.

Of course the Government may implement the Owndated_Timestock_Market giving to the people the CLO opportunity to sell the time of your savings value.
Because for the economy arrangement it is not the same to save now or to save latter. Let the people put the webdate of their personalized savings. It will be enought to resolve.
The Economy 4G3W is maded by communication motors and it is webpowered. 100% safe (cashkeeping mode), 100% free (free webproduction factors), 100% happy by daily 12h New York cash results. For everybody.

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Fed's $200 billion new tool

Annoucing from The Board of Governors, new tools for new times the FED is launching the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF).
Promoting the money datevaluation practice it should be a free solution for each economic agent.

Better than $200 billion in 1 tool, give us 1 inflation compressor to our big WebSea market. It shall be an historic recipe. Go to Economy 4G3W because you need new tools for new times.

Let us link money-to-money with our personal owned timestock over self created owndated webquantums.

Because people want create their personalized money. Our own, Central Banks OFF. We are asking finantial freedom. Internet trusting just linking money-to-money for much-more-money.

The motor-for-savings is on the spot market.


Female cash may help the World

You know the Davos Question..."What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?"

Of course inflation is waiting for the megamajors's ideas at Davos .

The answer may be a new question :

Slalom and Economy, 2 webjuris things with the same nature ?

No ? May it change ?

Well in this case let me tell you :

That thing that individuals, companies and countries must do to make a better place in 2008, is the general proposal for the practice of the money datevaluation as the first investment's substitute. Because it is the recipe for the Universocial Cash Funds Genesis.

Giving the key for a real new Economy with a fourth speed overdriving the Classic Economy and serving webcashmatic plusvalues for everybody. In cash phasis. Webpowered.

So you see : your_cash_generating_more_cash. Yes because, your female cash is arriving at Davos by your Mousephone 4G3W. From both FED's and the ECB's ability to launch the money datevaluation solution. They stop the crisis forever resolving redemptions and withdrawals limits.

Can you make a plusvalue over your cash? Yes you do it. Because you have your own webcashmotor and by the datevaluation of each 10€ you won 1 owndated webquantum in your webcashaccount. And you know any owndated webquantum is a female cash in your webfarm.

There you putcash-for-much-more-cashcall. Just linking money-to-money in universocial webpowered internet. Then you get multiplication factors with your owned timestock.

Because a personal motor_for_savings it is free, so easy and for the global Peace.